Paint Color Consulting

Giving your home a new coat of paint is the quickest way to refresh and update your home.  To choose the right paint color, you have to see the colors in the space.  We will come to your home with paint color decks and help you choose the perfect colors for your home, in your home.

Colors should be pleasing to the eye, harmonious with furniture and appropriate to the lighting conditions in each room.  Several things we take into consideration when helping you choose the perfect paint colors are:

Benjamin Moore 2027-50 “Hibiscus” in Den with teal and cobalt accents



Outside Light Exposure:  Eastern and Northern exposures tend to add a blue/grey tone to color while Western and Southern exposures add a yellow tint.



Benjamin Moore -1299 “Crimson”




Interior Lighting Effects:  Incandescent lamplight casts a yellowish tone, fluorescent lights cast a blue tone and halogen and LED lighting are usually whiter light.



The paint color for this dramatic master bath came from the cobalt blue glass pebble tile in the shower.
The paint color for this dramatic master bath (BM-2067-40 “Blue Lapis”) came from the cobalt blue glass pebble tile in the shower.






Color Intensity:  I often recommend the next lighter color than the one you like on the chart – the color intensity will multiply when it wraps around several walls versus the 1″ paint chip.





Ceiling painted same soft green winks at the vestibule
Ceiling and vestibule walls are painted BM-499 “Glazed Green.”  Walls in BM-912 “Linen White.”



Accent Walls:  Contemporary apartments and lofts look great with accent walls.  Sometimes painting the ceiling a different color can be the perfect accent.



Clean modern kitchen opens to serene dining area.
Above Chair Rail: BM-1465 “Nimbus.” Below Chair Rail: BM-1468 “Willow Creek.





Analogous/Contrasting Colors:  Analogous colors (harmonious colors next to each other on the color wheel) are a nice way to achieve a subtle accent.  If you want different but compatible colors, choose ones across the color wheel from each other with the same level of intensity.




Midcentury modern dining.
Midcentury modern dining.  Walls: BM-950 “Natural Wicker.”



Subtle Color Differences:  Look down the paint chart toward the darker version to see the subtle color differences that will appear in the lighter tones.  For example, a “white” may have a pink undertone.



Two colors of paint and a painted chair rail make this the basement you want to hang out in!
Above chair rail: BM-1584 “Pale Smoke.”   Below painted chair rail: BM-999 “Rustic Taupe”





Creative paint solutions:  Paint creative accent colors / elements to enhance a boring space, like a basement hallway.