About Amenities

Amenities:features that provide comfort, convenience or pleasure.”

I chose to call my firm Amenities Home Design because it perfectly conveys what I strive to provide to my clients.  My goal is to design beautiful and comfortable interiors that will delight you for years to come.  I’ve been successfully designing and renovating homes for over 17 years.

What sets me apart from other interior designers?

  • I excel at space planning.  While other people do puzzles, I develop floor plans.  In 2D and 3D. I understand proportion and scale and intuitively know where best to place furniture and fixtures, what size they need to be and what pieces will complete a space for style and comfort.
  • I love color and have a good eye.  I understand the effects of lighting and exposure on paint colors and how to choose the right paint color for your space. I am sensitive to your preferences and will help select the right colors for you.
  • I am passionate about design but not egotistical.  My goal is to give you the home of your dreams, not mine or someone else’s.  Some designers are “one trick ponies” that repeat looks that they have done before.  I have done rooms in styles from vintage to midcentury modern to cutting edge contemporary while renovating kitchens and baths to include all the modern fixtures and finishes.  I will help you create a home with your unique vision coupled with all the conveniences you desire.
  • I am knowledgeable about construction.  Not only about the construction of soft goods like draperies and upholstery, I understand plumbing, electricity and carpentry and know how they should be done and properly installed.  This enables me to estimate better, supervise contractors better and troubleshoot better when problems arise.
  • I am practical.  I will give you the best result for your money.  Often, I will recommend splurging on one special thing and spending less on something else.  I will always strive to stay on budget and will advise you in advance if we are going over.  My expertise will help you avoid costly mistakes.
  • I am fun to work with!   While I am a consummate professional and always respectful of your time and money, I believe we are creating something beautiful and should enjoy the process.


I started my business as a fashion designer in 1988 with an eponymous line of hair accessories and jewelry, then fell in love with silk fabrics and produced a popular line of silk scarves.  My best selling scarf invention, La Cravat™, was patented in the mid 90’s and sold all over the world.

In 2000, I started designing for the home with a line of Quote Pillows which sold in resorts and stores nationwide and received wide press attention. After adding custom draperies and bedding, I was asked to provide full service interior design and Amenities Home Design was born. In the 17 years since then, I have done over 60 residential design projects, along with over 500 paint consultations.  My goal is to make Chicago beautiful, one home at a time!

 Cindy Espy pic

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